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Upload Instructions

File Delivery

Please upload your files for mixing or mastering services here:

File Formats

Formats for submitting can be 16 or 24bit. 44.1k is preferable as other formats will need to be converted to this prior to mastering. Wave files are also preferred but AIFF can also be accepted.

Bouncing Requirements

For mastering you can send me a 320k mp3 of your track so I can advise on whether stems will be needed or a stereo mix. If I advise for stems usually I will have you bounce the kick, drums, bassline, and then the rest of the song for a total of 4 stereo files. These files when played back together should reproduce the song.

Track Levels And Effects

Tracks should not be clipping whatsoever. Please turn off any master buss processing. For mixdown projects you can also turn off effects like EQ and compression. For reverb, delay and other special types of effects you can either turn these off or leave on if you like how they are already. Alternatively you can send me both wet and dry versions so I can choose.

No Clipping

Please check your bounces before sending and make sure there is no clipping or flat topped waveforms. There should be at least a db of headroom. If you send via 24bit you have plenty of headroom to lower levels without any adverse effects. So try to shoot for -6db or so.


You can contact me via the contact page on this site and I will return your message as soon as possible with any questions you might have.