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EDM Mixing and Mastering Services

Are you an electronic music producer looking for that extra polish and depth in your production's mixes but can't seem to get high quality results? Audio mixing skills take years of time to hone which can be frustratingly difficult when first starting to produce.

And sometimes stereo or stem mastering is not enough to reach the outcome desired. This professional EDM mixing service will transform your song into a tight, punchy, well-balanced, fat mix with correct stereo width that lets all your hard work shine through.

EDM Mixing Engineer

I’m a mixing engineer with 30 years experience with all electronic dance music genres such as ambient, big room, breaks, electro, house, techno, tech house, trance, trap and more. I've worked with top artists and labels, check out some of them here. I'll help you to achieve your musical vision and offer unlimited revisions until you are happy with the end product.

What's Involved?

You can send either the project session file (Ableton 10, Cubase Pro 10) or bounced WAV/AIFF tracks of the session with or without effects. Analogue processing is used for EQ and compression in addition to a range of outboard digital and analogue effects to add an extra dimension to your mixes for a major label sound.

Further, the highest quality digital plugins available such as UAD will be incorporated to further refine the mix. You first receive the track mixed but unmastered for approval, once approved it’s then mastered and radio ready for release.

Best of all, revisions are completely free, so you don't have to pay more to get the exact sound you want though communicating with the mix engineer.

Studio outboard effect equipment used includes but not limited to:
  • Assortment of guitar stompboxes, both analogue and digital
  • Alesis MIDIVERB II (x3) MIDIFEX, and Quadraverb
  • API-2500 Compressor
  • Boss SE-70
  • Eventide H3000
  • HDE250 EQ
  • Pultec EQ
  • Roland GP-8
  • SPL Vitalizer
  • SSL Quad Compressor
  • Thermionic Culture Vulture Super 15
  • Yamaha SPX-90 MKII, FX500, FX900, and SPX 990
  • Zoom 9030

See the online mastering page for more details on edm mixing and mastering equipment used.

Additional Services / Ghost Production

If you need extra production work done to complete your track beyond professional mixing I can help there too.

Standard editing and additions such as drum sounds, beats, or new music parts can be arranged. If you need a warmer bassline, richer lead, or complex sound effects than what plugins can provide.

Get in touch so I can help take your production to another level. A collection of vintage and new analogue and digital synths are available for sound replacement or embellishment.

These include:

  • Akai S-1000
  • Korg Arp Odyssey, DW8000, and NX5R (including the famous M1 piano and organ sounds, perfect for house productions.)
  • Moog Sub Phatty
  • Roland MKS-80 and SH-2
  • Yamaha TG77, TX7 and TX81Z

Please be advised there is usually an additional charge for this on top of the usual fee for mixing.

How To Prepare

Please send a stereo file containing the rough mix as it stands. For best results render one set of stems with all the effects as you had and other with them bypassed. Then load the files into your DAW and check against the relevant version ('wet' or 'dry') to make sure the stems match the intended mix. I can then use your effected versions as a starting point but with access to the dry files if I need to start from the raw sound.

Multiple formats are fine but usually 24bit and 44100 recording works best. When in doubt don't hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding preparation of files for stem mixing.

Further Options

For those who want to release Apple Digital Masters I can provide those. If you need your mix and master completed urgently there is an option to select 48 hour delivery (applies to business days only - contact if you need it over the weekend). Finally, if you order 4 or more songs there is a 10% discount automatically added to your total.


"Holy God what have you done to my track!! It sounds like a professional release. That's amazing! I am extremely impressed!"

"i have listened to this track a thousand times already! seriously, your work is amazing and i will be using you quite a bit i think!

Mixing Services

  • Up to 16 stems: £99
  • Up to 24 stems: £119
  • Up to 32 stems: £139
  • Up to 40 stems: £159
  • Up to 48 stems: £179
  • Up to 56+ stems: £199
  • Apple Digital Masters: £10
  • Apple Digital Masters, I am a certified provider for Apple. This is a file optimized for Apple's encoding process to produce more dynamics when played on iTunes.

  • Express72: £65
  • Your initial mix sent within 72 hours (during business days) of receiving files (for weekend delivery please contact first to check for availability.

Revisions(within reason - inquire for more details) are free of charge based off of the original stems sent. Some minor edits are included but extensive editing such as arrangement or vocal correction etc... is charged per hour. One stem replacement is included. Additional stem replacements and adjustments are also charged per hour. Exporting stems are charged per hour. See the production section for ordering extra studio time, must be scheduled in advance. Streaming versions available at no extra charge (excluding Apple Digital Masters, please see above for the cost of that format). Discounts for 4 or more mixes.