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Mastering Prices

Prices for mastering include a discount when more than one track is ordered at a given time. You are free to use these credits anytime you wish however.

For instance you can order a pack of 3 tracks, get 2 mastered now and have one credit left over for when a third track is required.

For European customers no VAT is added extra.

Rates start at £35 for a stereo master.

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering is available for an extra cost in order to give you the best possible results.

After you upload a 320k of your material I will advise on whether we should use stem or stereo mastering for your project.

Stem masters start at £49 for 4 stems, £59 for 6 stems, and for a 8 stems.

Revisions and Alternate Mixes

Revisions are done free at no extra charge until you are happy with your master.

Alternate mixes with the same mixdown (like dubs and edits) are also done at a nominal charge.

Special Pricing For Labels/Artists

If you are an artist/label needing frequent work each month the rate is a flat fee of £20 for stereo masters. Please contact me for more details.

Album Rates

Have an album that needs mastering? Please contact me and find out even lower rates I can offer for your project.

Order Mastering

To start your project payment is required upfront, please purchase here.


If you need more than just a master I can also provide mixing for you. All mixing projects include mastering as part of the price.

Rates start at £99 for a song containing up to 16 tracks, £119 for up to 24, £139 for up to 32, and £159 for up to 40, £179 for up to 48, and £199 for 56 stems and over.

Order mixing here.