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Medway Studios is an online mastering studio in Shoreditch, East London UK which offers online mastering for dance and electronic music labels and artists.

It's run by engineer Jesse Skeens (aka Medway) who has over 20 years experience in electronic music production, mixing, and mastering. For more information take a look at my bio.

With competitive rates and personalized service, my aim is for you to be 100% satisfied with the value of the work I deliver.

I'm comfortable engineering everything from Italo disco, Swedish House Mafia style, House, DnB, Techno and all other dance and electronic genres.

Read more to find out why hundreds of satisfied clients have had their work mastered here to the highest quality.

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Why Master?

Mastering is the last step before reproduction and distribution. Any final sonic or technical details need to be taken care of at this stage.

Ideally this process will include sweetening an already great mix. Doing so enhances the original vision the artist had so it can be appreciated fully by the listener.

Particularly for dance music, mastering is key to getting DJs to play your music. Crowd reaction is usually greatest towards the best sounding tracks in a club.

In order to aid you in getting the best possible master I also offer free mixdown advice. This gets your pre-master in the best possible shape before handing it over.

  • A song with great ideas that is not mastered correctly will unfortunately get passed up in the competitive nature of today's music scene.
  • Achieve consistency across releases to position your label or artist profile as a serious player.
  • Personalized service - I take great interest in the success of your project and will work with you to make sure its right. This includes giving advice when needed to prepare each track submitted for best mastering results.
  • Mastering is much more than just making a track louder. I strive to make tracks sound 'right' so that they are not only loud but balanced in all areas.

The Process

Here's the basic process of what will happen to your audio when mastering is performed to bring it to it's fullest potential:

  • Equalization is applied to properly balance the frequency response of your track. This gives the song a smooth response across all systems.
  • Analogue compression adds groove to the music and helps glue everything together. Multiband is also used when needed to further tighten and give a more polished result.
  • Stereo widening and M/S processing gives a larger more 3D depth of field.
  • Harmonic exciters give extra sheen and crisp detail
  • Tasteful limiting brings up your level to commercial standards without killing dynamics or adding distortion.

Analog Mastering

Medway Studios employs a custom designed SSL specifically chosen for the demands of dance music mastering. The qualities this unit imparts are as follows:

Transients become more detailed bringing the mix forward.

The extremely musical release imparts a very tight groove to the rhythm. The width and frequency balance is also widened and enhanced.

Although there are reasonable emulations of the SSL, the real thing is on another level and truly brings life to otherwise flat sounding digital mixes.

Additionally an API 2500 compressor provides thick punch and a warm round tone just from running through the renown 2520 op-amp circuit.

A custom valve Pultec Eq/Pre amp is also utilized for saturation and colour by overdriving it's tube circuitry and Lundahl transformers. even without the Eq engaged this unit imparts a nice roundness to programme material.

With the very musical low and high filters the track can achieve a smooth sheen and openness which really brings it to life.

An HDE250 (Sontec) provides precise control and sheen to compliment the Pultec's overall tonal shaping.

Other tools include a hardware SPL Vitalizer backed by valve compression for added harmonics and width.

"Im speachless!!!!!! The masters are so fat! Wow. You made my day. Cant believe what I hear." Andre - NDM

"We really liked the sound coming of your studio, nothing really can compare to it." Altair6

"The masters sound unbelievably great! They have the warmth, vibe and heaviness I was looking for!" J Rivera

"Hi again, just wanted to thank you for the job. Mastered version just sounded amasing, really pleased with what you have done, will definetly use your services again and recomend it to others. Thank you!" E Strazdas

"I absolutely love it! Track sounds so clean and all the individual tracks came out just the way I wanted. Really appreciate everything you did and I'll for sure be using you again in the future." M Giuffre

Past Clients

Throughout the years the following artists have had their masters pass through Medway Studios: Ralphie Rosario, Full Intention, Wide Boys, Jason Nevins, Seamus Haji, Crystal Waters, Tom Stephan, Chris Willis (singer on David Guetta's 'Love Is Gone'), Spooky, Infusion, Hernan Catteneo, Soul Minority, Pig and Dan, Guy J, Milton Jackson, Johnny Vicious, Lutzenkirchen, Pole Folder, Saved Records, and more...


The following clips alternate between unmastered and mastered. This will give you an idea of what's possible with your mastering session.

Vocal Deep House

Vocal Deep House - Mastering Example by Medway Studios

Vocal Soulful House

Vocal Soulful House by Medway Studios

Ms. Universa

Vocal House (elyga & Menacekeys ft. Javier Y Youmi - Ms. Universa) by Medway Studios

Let's Dance

Tech House - (Let's Dance [Manny Murillo Remix]) by Medway Studios


Infragma - Chlorine by Medway Studios

Bobo Doll

Progressive House (Gaetano - Bobo Doll) Mastering Example by Medway Studios


Vocal Progressive House (Solace [Original Mix] - Spanking Machine) by Medway Studios


These are a small sample of some of the emails I receive on mastering feedback from clients:

"mix sounded awesome J, nothing but great feedback - you have a golden ear" 7Limited Recs

"Holy Crap!!! That sounds AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!" A Orvek

"Wow man, I am really blown away. Your new version is by far the best, it actually exceeded my expectations :D You did a really good job." Darin Epsilon

"Hey Jesse, I just wanted to say, what a great job you did on that mix, I played it last night @ my gig and it was huge." A Conigliaro

"Best ears I have worked with yet, everyone else just squashes and jacks the bass" D Mellen

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CD/DDP Production in Redbook format

If you require production ready formats (Redbook) for duplication you can also purchase them here. DDP is highly recommended for quicker delivery and integrity.

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