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Medway Studios School: Ableton 8 Training Course

Ableton Live Tutorial

Medway Studios, a leading provider of EDM mastering services, is proud to announce the arrival of an online training course that you can take at your own pace to learn all the ins and outs of Ableton's Live 8 program.

Training Course Basics

The course focuses on practical knowledge of how to build a track from the ground up. It includes everything from programming, arranging, sound design, mixing and mastering.

Through a series of videos and written instruction you will watch over my shoulder as I produce a remix for Australian Idol winner Natalie Guicci. This track is produced in the style similar to progressive house tunes on labels such as Anjunadeep and bonus videos coveting Tech House and House styles similar to artists like Nick Curly and Justin Drake.

In fact this track went on to become a #1 release on Juno for the Progressive House section:

Why Choose This Course Over The Others?

When I looked at other courses available I found two main problems:

They were either too high priced (big schools) or the material they used was too generic and not the kind of thing you'd see people actually playing out.

That's when I decided to make this course to solve those two issues and get producers making the kind of music that will get them noticed:

"Medway's Ableton Training Course provided me with immediate results. The first track I worked on after watching the initial set of videos was recognized and supported by a top tier DJ" -- Andrew McDonnell

Learn Programming, Arranging and Mixing

Learn how to program grooves and create your own synth patches without needing to rely so much on loops and presets. Tricks for arrangements including breakdown effects will also be covered.

Also utilize the many great plugins on both midi and audio that Live 8 provides to create rich sounds and speed up the writing process.

The initial production focuses purely on built in Live effects from the Ableton Live 8 Suite package. Armed with this version of Ableton Live you will be able to follow along for every sound and mixing decision without the need for any 3rd party plugins.

Training Includes

  • Setting Up The Session
  • Timing Vocal Acapellas
  • How To Program Drums
  • Music Theory and Composing with Chords
  • Sidechaining and Effects
  • Programming Basses, Pads, Leads, and Sound Effects
  • Arranging a Dance Track
  • Equalization, compression, and using Effects
  • Mastering
  • Bonus Materials

Learn Using a Mixed Media Approach

The course is presented in mixed media format which consists of over 5 hours video, written information, and images to help you learn via a variety of presentation methods.

Private Forum and Email Support

Finally if you have any questions on any of the material email support is provided as well as a special private forum just for this course.

Taught From Experience

Besides the 20 years of experience I have in producing electronic music I also taught at one of Americas top recording schools. This has given me a good vantage point to produce a course that's both rich in knowledge as well as being presented in a clear way suitable for both beginner and advanced users.

You can now access the same quality information that my real-time online students have received but in a manor that fits your schedule to whenever you'd like to learn.

Network With Other Producers

In addition to the courses themselves there is also a profile area where students can upload clips of their songs to find collaboration partners and share presets.


  • Over 6.5 hours of video and written instruction.
  • Almost no presets used, sounds and effects make on the fly.
  • Private Forum and Email Support.
  • Complete over the shoulder walk though of a remix from start to finish.
  • ''Living'' course -- updated with new material over time.
  • Applicable to other platforms such as Logic etc...
  • Bonus materials covering 3rd party plugins and other topics.
  • Bonus 45 minute video on Tech House production
  • Bonus 85 minute video on Deep House production


I have to say that you made amazing job with those videos. I've seen many courses but what you prepared is the most advanced, detailed and inspiring training of all.And the price is just great for everyone. -- Miroslaw Jurkiewicz

Medway's Ableton Training Course is full of great information at an incredible value. Despite not using Ableton Live as my primary DAW, I found the course relevant and very easy to follow — it has information that can be applied to any workstation. Since training with Medway, my work has improved both creatively and technically, my work flow is so much more efficient and I've completely rethought how I approach a track. -- Andrew McDonnell

I wish that your videos would have been around years ago, this is almost as good as being in the studio with you. I have videos from other companies and they pale in comparison. I have learned more in one hour than I probably learned in the first year of production. This is exactly what I need, keep em coming. -- Andre Lataste

Sign Up Now and Save

For a limited time the course will be available at a reduced cost of $79 for a lifetime membership. As more content gets added to the course the price will rise to $99. Order now to save.

Upcoming additions to the course will include an alternate version of the remix using some select 3rd party plugins for those who would like to venture beyond Ableton's own offerings.

You also get updated videos as I take a look at some of the productions I engineer for clients in my East London studio. Genres like House and Tech House will be covered so there will be something for everyone to learn from.

Join Ableton School

Get a head start on your production skills or improve your current ones by joining now. This course is suitable for both beginners and more advanced users.

As the membership is lifetime you will have access to the videos I make for upcoming versions of Live such as Live 9 and so on. You'll always be up to date.

This course was last updated on Jan 10th, 2011.